Hey Mom! Look What I Can Do!

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You know when you’re a kid and you’re constantly telling your mom, “Look, Mom! Look what I can do!” “Hey Mom, LOOK!” “Mom watch me!” Although I may not actually remember doing this, I’m sure I did as I continue to live through three children saying, “Hey, Mom, watch this!”

When we are children, we usually have a very exaggerated opinion of our gifts and talents. But gift and talents, even in their infancy are just that; gifts and talents. We are so eager to show off our skills that it is sometimes a constant verbal assault upon….well…Mom (or whomever happens to be in the audience).

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At some point in my life, I outgrew this phase and almost to the point of pulling a 180. That’s not to say that I was no longer proud of my gifts and talents, but I think I became aware of their true value in the context of just hanging with my mom. I think there also entered the ugly fear of failure and what failure actually feels like. The less attention I drew to myself, the less chance that someone will see that I can fail, will fail, or might fail. But again, I might have outgrown this phase, at least enough to be brave for this moment.

I’ve written in the past about my journey into blogging and writing. I still have NO idea why I thought this would be a good idea. I just knew that I wanted to do something. Something that would engage my brain and give me a sense of productivity that no load of laundry or evening meal prep could ever fill. My walk into this “career” has moved swiftly, but not too fast that I couldn’t keep up. I have been able to take each progressive step as they presented themselves and with little or no anxiety.  Winning!

one step at a time

Part of being a writer involves a lot of self promotion. I can no longer do my thing under the cover of nightfall. I must invite others into my professional world if I want to keep working in this capacity. It is a foreign process….self promotion, but a necessary “evil”.

So I have come full circle back to, “Hey Mom! Look at me!” It started with the blog. If I want readers, subscribers and followers, I have to be all…”Hey you! Look over here and read THIS!” It then moved to NVSL Magazine. Now, I was not only promoting myself, but a whole publication. This was easier! I was just a small part of a larger project, so…so, easier!

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It was during an interview with the editor of NVSL Magazine that I went public with my desire to publish a book. This was a bold, BOLD move for me. I declared to the world (‘cause the whole world was reading this article….well, my whole world) that I had a goal for the year that I intended to reach. Uh oh.

Talk about scared. Now in fairness, the editor asked if she could share the information and I said, “Yes!” No one was more shocked than I. I was now accountable to all who read that article to make good on my goal intention. It became the center part of my professional life; birthing this little book.

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Well, I am proud to say, that for the very first time in my life, I set a professional goal and actually achieved it! Keep in mind that this is a very different goal…not one for a promotion, or to win an account, or to achieve some quota, where someone above me determines my success or worth. This was creating something from nothing and following through to production.

It has been the very best professional experience of my lifetime. I created something….I developed it, and honed it, and grew it into something that was marketable; all while staying accountable to the public via social media. Good or bad, this thing is DONE! I couldn’t be more excited.

I’m excited to follow the process. I’m excited for my inaugural holiday season with this new little book and I look forward to planning a full marketing strategy for the 2019 holiday season. (Uh oh, did I just make another public pronouncement?!  ACK!)

Just in time for Thanksgiving and during this season of gratitude, I want to thank all of the amazing people who supported me along the way. I want to thank every single person who didn’t laugh or mock my idea to complete this project, every single person who encouraged me along the way, and all of my beloved cheerleaders. Although this was a solo idea, it was in no way a solo experience. I have met the most amazing talent along the way, who I lovingly call my dream team, and I cannot wait to work with these women again.


I look forward to watching to see how this sweet book progresses and I’m already penning my next story! So for posterity’s sake, “Hey Mom! Look what I can do!”

are you a baby reindeer look what I can do

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