Back to School – 2018-2019

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I think by now most of the country has resumed school for the 2018-2019 school year. My own children started back last Thursday, so this is their first full week of school. I have a few things to say about restarting school.

Who am I kidding? When have I ever had a “few” things to say about anything?

The upside down

First off, have you been outside in your neighborhood during the day since the kids went back to school? I find it more than a little disturbing. The streets are deserted. It’s like a creepy science fiction movie. Where did everybody go? Are they in The Upside Down? Should I start stringing up the Christmas lights? I digress into my Stranger Things obsession….

Staples Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Anyway, you don’t even have to be a parent to know that most parents can’t wait for the first day of school. There have been tons of funny back to school ads depicting gleeful parents and distraught youngsters school supply shopping. (My personal favorite is still the StaplesIt’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” ad. Hilarious!) The Holderness Family has made a career of their YouTube  back to school parodies. (Love them all Holderness Family. Keep up the good work.)

Holderness Family Baby Got Class

But, true confession time. I am not one of those parents who rejoices when my kids go back to school. Let me just state, that I am all for education and the betterment of my children as people and citizens of this country, but I do love the lazy pace of summer and just having them around.

Me and the boys at the luau

I used to look at the beginning of school as the New Year’s Eve of my year (’cause I actually hate New Year’s, ugh). I looked at it like a fresh start and a time to clean up my act, make good changes, work on great habits and grow. And then October comes.

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By October, my new school year buzz has worn off and I start sliding back into my old, procrastinator ways and my “well this is as good as it’s gonna get” attitude. Truth hurts.

Things to do today dated tomorrow

This is the first year that I didn’t feel like it was New Year’s Eve. This is the first year that I wasn’t hypin’ up the new year with trips to Target for supplies, a mall run for new clothes, and constant banter of, “I wonder what teacher you’ll get.” Yadda, yadda, yadda. Blah!

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I’ll admit that I did get amped when I took the kids for their orientations. Their schools are magnificent and their teachers seem so excited to teach. (I’ll check in with them again in February and see if they still feel that way. Fingers crossed.)

Fingers Crossed

I think it’s good to get excited about things (not to the point of nausea, of course). I long for those moments of excitement again. Instead I feel dread of the fast pace of the fall school and extracurricular schedule, the lack of off days to catch up on sleep, the minimal family time (because the kids just want to escape into their computers just to get some down time), not hearing the laughter and getting the extra hugs that I can sneak in during the day (whether they want them or not).  And let’s not forget the pending doom of the physical drop in temperature as the seasons change. (Winter is coming.)

Brace Yourself Winter is Coming

On the flip side, I won’t miss the yelling: “He targeted me!, “No, No, NO! The DIAMOND sword!”, “Mooooommmmmm, he’s mocking me!”, “Moooooommmmmmm! Make her stop singing that song!”, “Moooooommmmmm……” Instead I hear the air conditioner kick on and off…and on and off…

Pure joy

I sincerely want to wish your children and mine, all of the parents, and especially the teachers and coaches a spectacularly meaningful school year. May your passion and excitement on the first day of school sustain you throughout. If it doesn’t, I’ll meet you at Starbucks and we can complain together. Cheers!  Lol.

Me and Starbucks cup

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  1. I agree. I have mixed feelings about my girls starting school, and I also feel compelled to start anew. It always feel like a fresh start. Love your writing.

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