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Father’s play an incredibly important role in our lives. Their presence shapes who we become. Their absence can also shape who we become.

I’ve written about my father quite a bit on the blog, particularly his passing since it affected me so much. I feel very fortunate that I had a great relationship with my dad. I have several family members and friends who are great dads. I thought it would be fun to have people of all ages (and some who are included in this are elementary school students!) and backgrounds share the best advice their father ever gave them. Whether you had or have a good dad or not, there are some great ones out there. Borrow them if you need to. Let the good guys shape who we all become.

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Thank you to dads everywhere for sharing your wisdom and humor. Here’s to you Dads.


Michael and Regan


“Don’t worry about what other people think because you can’t fly like an eagle if you’re walking with a turkey.”  ~  Caitlin

“Just be yourself. Don’t worry about other people, worry about you!”  ~ Katie

“Who cares what other people think, just be yourself. ”  ~ Regan

“Just be you.”   ~  Eli

“If someone is being mean to you, stand up and say something.”  ~ Jillian

“Be strong, be independent, and stay out of trouble.”  ~ Dorothy

“If someone is bullying you or being mean to you, don’t care. If you act like you don’t care they can’t do anything. ”   ~ Taylor

“No man who doesn’t know that you are the very best thing on earth for him is not worth your tears. You are worth waaay more than you even know.” ~ Doreen

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“Always use integrity!” ~ Hailey

“It doesn’t matter if you aren’t perfect, or if you don’t beat someone else. It just matters if you try your best.”  ~ Gracie

“Always try your best.”  ~ Reid

“Never give up and try, try again.”  ~ Annabella

“Always be the better person.”   ~ Riley

“When outside of the house, you are representing our family, so you better be good.” ~ Temple

“If you don’t have anything nice to say…. don’t say it all.”  ~ Imanuel

Marty and boys - laxing with my boys


“When you are upset just tell [your parents] what’s wrong.”  ~ Emma

“Do your homework.”   ~ Avik

“Turn the other cheek…and be quiet!”  ~ Kayla

“Be good, keep your nose clean, and leave the girls alone.”   ~ Cole

“Mind your business!”  ~ Braden

“If you do something nice for someone, you might get it in return.” ~ Aidan

“Try your best and have fun!”  ~ Katie

(When I was trying to choose a major in college and was totally overwhelmed), “Draw a square.  Next to each side of the square write a talent, subject you like, or an interest that you have.  Then search for a major that incorporates as many of the sides as possible and that goes in the middle.” ~ Liz

“RTFM..Read the f***ing manual.” ~ Christy

“Always put your marriage first and not the kids. The kids will move out one day and you are with your spouse for life.” ~ Meredith

“Buy American.” ~Jennifer

“When I was in high school my dad used to tell me, ‘Don’t get involved.’  But I did.  When I was in college he said, ‘Don’t get involved.’  But I did.  Years later I thought, egad!  I got involved! ~ Deanne

Bob with upside down chris


“Wear your seat belt.”  ~ Connor

“Advice my dad shared while teaching me how to drive a stick shift in his Scout International Harvester at a local beach parking lot, is currently just as valuable today as 52 years ago.  ‘The best advice I can give you when you drive is to stay away from everyone.’ The expletives that come to mind when glancing out of the rear view mirror are also what I learned!” ~ Darlene

“Know how to change a tire.” – Temple

Andy and Andrew Army Headquarters


“As an artist, you come with a price tag.”  ~  Chris

“Ideally your job will both pay well and be rewarding/stimulating .  During any given week one might matter more than the other, and it will change, but overall you need both.  “ ~ Liz

Dad and me wedding car


“No one wants the people they love to die. But death is God’s way to bring each of us home to heaven. We can be sad when we lose someone we love, but that’s why we have faith to lean on. Death is part of life. It hurts but it’s just a temporary goodbye.” ~ Doreen

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