Favorites Spring 2018

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past ten years, you have undoubtedly heard of the infamous Oprah Winfrey’s Favorite Things episodes. Does this ring a bell? “YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR! AND YOU GET A CAR!” ??? Yes?

Mass hysteria

Even Ellen Degeneres picked up on the idea with her holiday giveaway shows. In truth, I really love this idea. I love the whole idea. I love hearing what other people like and can’t live without. And who doesn’t like to get a gift? Sharing what excites us and makes us happy is one of the biggest pleasures of life and friendships.


I made up my own version of this a few years ago. My sisters and I try to get together for a sisters weekend annually. We don’t live close to one another, so these weekends became quite sacred. Sure we talk on the phone to one another, but to have ALL FOUR of us together….in one conversation together…is a luxury. To commemorate our time together and because we never exchange birthday gifts, I began to put together a goodie bag, for each sister, of my favorite things for the year.  Things that I had undoubtedly mentioned to them throughout the year. The bags would contain a variety of items; magazines, mascara, toothbrushes, lipsticks, socks….really anything that I fell in love with during the year that made my life more awesome.  I wanted to share these things with the people who made my life more awesome.  And thus, the favorites…MY favorites had begun.

sisters weekend virginia

I thought it would be really fun to up the game a bit. I asked several of my very stylish friends to compile lists of their favorite things so we could share our finds with you just in time for Mother’s Day! I hope that you enjoy what we’ve come up with. Perhaps you will discover something new to give to your mom, or to give to YOURSELF!

LINDSAY – Chantilly, VA

This fresh scent is a lovely combination of Clementine Flower, Orange Blossom, Water Lily, Orris and Balsamic Vetiver.

Although this candle has spicy, piney notes, the natural elements make this a winner all year round.  The official Yankee Candle site offers this candle in multiple sizes, and at killer sale prices.

Made with soft butters, almond oil and a bit of fresh strawberry juice. *Limited Edition.  May be out of stock.

  • Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt with Lavender – Available at Target, Walmart and Amazon.com

Lavender is perfect for soaking your way to calmness while moisturizing an soothing your skin.

Salamander Resort has an abundance of things that a mom could spend a gift card on.  There is a fabulous restaurant, a great little bar, a spectacular spa, equestrian activities, or how about falconry??!!  But wait!  There’s more……

Lindsays favorite things 2018



“I used to be a book snob.  I considered audio books to be cheating at reading.  I thought it’s not really reading if you are listening to it.  I also am a visual person and need to concentrate when I’m listening in order to retain the information.  And then I realized what a blessing it is to pair audio books/podcasts with the routine  activities like cleaning, laundry, carpool and food prep.  I can pick and choose what I listen to depending on my mood. I still have a book on my nightstand but I am able to continue the literary momentum with audio books.”

“My new favorite flower delivery service.  Gorgeous, sustainably sourced flowers.  Easy ordering.  Simple selection process.  No decision fatigue scrolling through pages of options.  The DC location delivers same day to certain locations.  The added perk?  The delivery person will email/text you a photo of the actual bouquet in front of the recipient’s home right before delivery.  I love being able to see the actual flowers that were delivered and knowing at that moment, my friend would be receiving them.  I’ve also ordered for delivery outside the ‘same day delivery’ area and although we don’t get a photo at delivery (shipped via UPS/FED EX/USPS), I was pleased that the flower bouquet quality was equal to the same day delivery one.”

“Looking for a gift for the creative person? Give your lucky gift recipient a dollar amount that you will contribute to fund their favorite project. This is great way to support projects that speak to them. Kickstarter helps artists of all kinds connect with supporters to help fund their projects. If the project is not fully funded by pledges, then they will not go to production and your pledge won’t be processed. With varying pledge amounts comes varying incentives. For a book that I backed, pledges started as low as $5 which allowed access to a secret podcast episode, $15 earned you coloring book, tattoos, poster, and access to the podcast, $25 earned you a hardcover book plus. There are so many projects to choose from – artwork, film, publishing, food, design & tech.”

“You can choose courage or comfort. You cannot have both.” – Brené Brown

“I recommend any of her books but her most popular are Daring Greatly, Rising Strong, and her latest one Braving the Wilderness. She is a research professor and studies courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy. Check out her Ted Talk on vulnerability to get a taste of her style.

“Best on-the-go, do-it-all lotion stick that I’ve used. It’s small enough to carry around in my purse, works great and smells amazing (lavender/peppermint). I use it on my knuckles and cuticles during the dry winter months and swipe at my kids dry knees/hands/elbows in carpool.”

Leasa's favorites 2018


“Being a new mama I drink a lot of water and this thing keeps it cold all day and it fits in my car’s cup holder (not the easiest thing to find!) $40″

“These are from Target’s new Universal Thread line which is so cute! I’m loving these because they are comfortable, have that fun little cutout, and they go with everything! Best of all they’re under $40!”

“I love my florals and candles and this beauty combines both. They smell heavenly and come in a variety of fun prints (I may or may not have 3 different ones). The one pictured smells like lavender, rosemary, sage, and bergamot. Plus I love to support small creative businesses like Rifle Paper Co.” $30

  • Lollia Shea Butter Hand Cream in “Wish” – Antropologie

“This is my favorite hand lotion ever for 2 reasons; one it’s made with shea butter and leaves my hands so soft and two because the smell reminds me of sitting on the beach on a summer day. It’s the perfect pick me up for dry winter skin.”

  • Larabar – available everywhere energy and protein bars are sold

“One of my favorite snacks that I always keep on hand in my diaper bag. They taste like you’re having a treat but they’re healthy and made with a few whole food ingredients. They’re vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO too. My favorite snack for when I’m stuck under a hungry baby and can’t make lunch, or wake up starving after a 2am feeding.”

Jackies favorite things 2018


  • Cherry Blossoms

These stems make a gorgeous, but simple centerpiece.  Particularly lovely this time of the year.

  • Caipirinha Cocktail

This is Brazil’s national cocktail.

How to: Half a lime cut into 4 wedges, 2 teaspoons brown sugar, 1 2/3 oz Cachaça

Place lime and sugar into old fashioned glass and muddle.  Fill glass with crushed ice and add Cachaça.  CHEERS!

  • Glow Recipe – Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask – Sephora.com

A skin-smoothing sleeping mask.  Battles uneven skin tone, dullness, uneven texture and oiliness all while you sleep.  It’s breathable and won’t transfer to your pillow.  Facial in a jar.

  • Glow Recipe – Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser – Sephora.com

Ultra gentle gel cleanser loaded with vitamins and antioxidant-rich blueberry extracts.  Combats dryness and those pesky pores.

  • La Pure – Snail Regeneration Mask – Amazon.com

Yep, made from actual snail secretion filtrate!  Ironically (or not!), this product helps to sssslllloooowww down the aging process.


Daras favorite things 2018



  • Charter Club Cashmere poncho – Macys.com

This super soft poncho is the best combination of style, comfort and warmth.   (Sold out)

Completely comfortable and especially stylish.  I call these my “I feel like a fairy princess shoes”.  The perfect shade of blue; almost a chambray color so they look incredible with jeans.

I have a number of pieces from this jewelry artist of several different styles.  I love them all, but the one pictured is my favorite of the necklaces.  You can’t go wrong with any of her creations and the price point is perfect, especially for gift giving.

  • Cherry Blossom mug – Starbucks Stores

From what I gather, Starbucks is no longer maintaining on online store.  This totally pretty mug was purchased in my local store.  I love it soooo much.

Oh momma.  This is the most heavenly scent.  Every time I smell it, I just drift off to Dreamland for a moment.  A combination of White Birch, Madagascar Vanilla, and Warm Sandalwood.  It’s sublime.

  • O’Keeffe’s Working Hands – Available at most local retailers and on Amazon.com

I wash my hands a lot.  Between that and the dry heat and freezing temps of winter, I was able to stay off dry, uncomfortable hands all winter thanks to this awesome product.  The packaging is not sexy, but your skin will be so who cares.

my favorite things 2018

I hope that you enjoyed our favorite things.  I hope that you found something that would be a special treat for a mom in your life, or something nice for yourself.  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the amazing moms out there. May you all have the most peaceful and beautiful day celebrating the HUGE contribution that you make to your families, to your communities and to our world.

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