Who Wrote the Book of Love?

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As my 30th birthday came and went and I was still very single, I began to think that I would never get married. Although always trying to remain hopeful, I’d all but given up on the prospect of marriage and having a family.  At the time, it just didn’t seem to be in the cards for me. A good friend of mine kept reassuring me that God had a plan for me.  He was making someone really special just for me.  And you know what?  She was so right.

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At the age of 31, you can well imagine that I had kissed many a frog, so when I met my husband I proceeded cautiously.  But I was quick to discover that he really was special indeed.  Like no other.  And for that reason, I let my guard down and we began to write our book, or in this case, books, of love.

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I actually stole this idea from my sister, so bear with me as I give you the backstory to our books.

When my sister had her daughter, she decided that she and her daughter would keep a journal for her husband and write sentiments to him in the book instead of buying greeting cards. I loved this idea.  And in our brand new romantic relationship, I thought this might work for Chris and me.

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I had found, so often in relationships, you forget why you were together in the first place.  You forget what your initial draw was or how you felt about each other when things were new and exciting.  These journals would be documented proof of our feelings.  We could always look back and read how we felt about each other.  I could read how he felt about me, but I could also go back and read how I felt about him.  And likewise for him.

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We write to each other in our books for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.; really any time we feel compelled.  (Infact, Chris proposed to me in my book!) We don’t write in the books as often as we’d like, but from time to time, we’ll surprise each other with a new entry.  I’m happy to say, that we are still crazy for each other, with or without the books, but it is so lovely to be able to reminisce and relive beautiful moments and very meaningful letters of love just by picking up our books.  And we still get a thrill when one of us has thought to add an entry.  So, may I suggest… get a blank journal for yourself and one for your S.O. and just see.  Maybe you will find that it is you who wrote the book of love.

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  1. Loved it. Makes me want to start a new one for the Us after child is out of the house. Maybe a page or two for the grandkid or kidos to write in too .

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