These Boots Were Made for Walkin’

Here in Northern Virginia, our kids headed back to school today.  This post is for all of the parents who watched their babies walk out the door to start their annual new adventure.

Liney San Fran

Parents get a really cool privilege of having ring-side seats to observe their children’s lives. Some of these moments might feel like those seats are way too close (diaper changes and first dates are some that come to mind, yikes!), but for the most part, most moments are pretty darn cool.


As parents, we get to see triumphs and failures. We get to see physical and intellectual growth. We get to see them survive heartbreaks and we get to see light bulbs of discovery turn on and stay on.

Caro and Avery hiking

We have no idea who our children are destined to be. I mean, Mary was told that her child would be the Son of God. I got no such memo. So it’s absolutely fascinating to me to watch what my children become. And it’s SUPER fun to see a little of me here, and a little of my husband there, as they go.  But boiled down to their basics, one of my favorite things to do is to watch my children walk. (By now you know I’m crazy, so I feel no need to apologize.)

Regan and Liney OBX

At their young ages (ours are now 13, 12, and 9), they have not been affected by our fast-paced American culture in their walk. They don’t put on heirs and are not trying to portray a character of who they think they should be. They don’t strut, or sway. They just walk. You can see that they are free of the trappings of trying to be someone or something they are not. You can see that they are lost in day dreaming or talking to their friend. It’s beautifully simple and lovely to me.

Liam and Alex first day of school

I hope they can hold on to their unique walk. I hope that they continue to feel secure in who they are and walk through their lives confident in themselves. And I hope beyond hope, that I get to continue to watch.  Happy Back to School y’all.

kids walking in paris

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