Paris – Day 3


kids in the latin quarter

Our last day in Paris. This was the day that I was bound and determined to find the Paris that I had always dreamed of. No more Burger King lunches. No more Disney Store or Starbucks (oh Starbucks, please forgive me), and certainly, no more Mexican food. (Sorry hombres. I love Mexican food and all, but bring me some cuisine! Tout de suite!)


non paris paris

We decided to venture to The Latin Quarter. Now THIS was what I had hoped Paris would be. The beautiful River Seine, the open tree-lined boulevards, the cafes. It was magnificent. There was a postcard worthy picture at every turn. This area was also jam packed with historic architecture. There was a multitude of house boats and floating restaurants, elaborately appointed bridges and iconic landmarks.


parisian bridge

We took an unguided boat ride up and down the River Seine for a hour or two. It was a very interesting way to see more of the city.  I only wish that we had a history lesson along the way. We finally disembarked near Notre Dame. It was so exciting to see that outstanding church in person; complete with the flying buttresses and the gargoyles. (See I did remember something from high school French class.)


notre dame full view

This part of the city was teaming with charming street vendors and special little cafes. All what my heart had been desiring. We parked ourselves at a table of a restaurant, right across the street from Notre Dame, and prepared to have an outstanding, and authentic French meal (complete with 2 bottles of le vin, but who’s counting?). Everything from the bread, to the escargot, to the ratatouille was spectacular. The waiters were efficient, and kind, and even helped us learn a little French. It was my dream come true.


parisian meal

We ended our meal and walked back to the Metro to catch a train back to our apartment. Our bellies were full and my heart was full from a trip of a lifetime with the people that I love most in life. We bid au revoir to Paris. Until we meet again. Le Fin.


eiffel tower from seine

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1 Kids on the River Seine

2 Burger King, The Disney Store, Starbucks, and Mexican food y’all.

3 One of the spectacular bridges over the River Seine

4 Notre Dame

5 Bread (and wine!), Ratatouille and Poulet de citron, escargot

6 Tower de Eiffel

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