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I am a huge Bath and Body Works fan. Have been, now, for about 25 years. (Dear Lord! Have they been around that long!? Infact, I wiki’d it and they have been around for 27 years!) I was introduced to the shop back in 1992 when I moved to the Northern Virginia area after college (forget the math people, I’m “old-ish”). I was visually taken in by the charming, “Disneyfied” country feel of the store. They totally hooked me with their fine smelling bath products. I used to own a rather large collection and would match the scents to my outfit or mood. (A girl needs her hobbies.)


bathandbodyworks - vintage

It wasn’t until about 15 years ago that I got turned on to their candles. And although I only purchase them on sale (‘cause I’m thrifty), I find that they are worth every penny. They are long burning (a 3-wick can burn from 25-45 hours) and they actually fill your home with fragrance. So often I’ve found that candles of other brands did not emit enough fragrance for me.  Why bother?

3 wick burn time collage

Having said all of that, I welcome you to the first annual Jennifer The Beholder Spring Smellabration. [insert trumpets here] My bestie, Meredith, and I make a day trip of this 3 times a year, to correspond with their release of new fragrances. We go in the spring, fall, and holiday time. So expect a Fall and Holiday release of our findings later this year. (I can already feel your excitement.)


bath and body fall 2015

Meredith and I have our clearly defined smell lanes, if you will. I like woodsy/nature inspired scents, while she prefers beach inspired fragrances. All well and good, but that left two obvious categories un-reviewed. Can’t have that! I’m a professional (blogger, duh. Not really. I do not get paid for this.). So I sent out the call and it was answered. My friend Jen (Jennifers usually come in pairs) likes fruit scented candles and my niece, Jackie, is a floral girl.

help wanted

Keep in mind that Bath and Body Works sells far more fragrances online than in the stores. We go, primarily, to smell new stuff, but sometimes still revert to old favorites. Without further ado, please enjoy our spring review.


BEACH CATEGORY:   NEW – TIKI BEACH. This is a vanilla, musk, orchid, and toasted coconut combination. It comes in 3-wick candles, wallflowers fragrance refills , scentportable, fragrance melts, and room perfume. TRIED AND TRUE – ENDLESS WEEKEND. Fresh summer mandarin, sun-kissed magnolia, and coconut water (I don’t make this stuff up.) make up this go-to favorite. This scent comes in 3-wick candles, wallflowers fragrance refills, room perfume, and also assorted body and bath products. Oooo!

BBW tiki beach

FLORALS: NEW – HONEYSUCKLE BOUQUET. Jackie chose this over straight up HONEYSUCKLE because she felt that it smelled more like the actual plant. The scent profile on this includes sweet honeysuckle nectar, peony petals, and soft creamy vanilla. It comes in 3-wick candles and wallflowers fragrance refills.   TRIED AND TRUE – FRESH CUT LILACS. Again, Jackie liked this because its scent was very authentic to the real deal. Here you are looking at a combo of lilac bouquets, dewy greens, and soft spring air (Whatever all that means. Means a winner, apparently!). This comes in 3-wick candles, wallflowers fragrance refills, room perfume, as well as a medium sized candle. HONORABLE MENTION – WHITE JASMINE. Made up of white jasmine buds, orange blossom, and mimosa. This is only available in a 3-wick candle.

BBW honeysuckle bouquet

FRUIT CATEGORY: NEW – WATERMELON LEMONADE. This fragrance is a combination of watermelon ice, sparking water and Meyer lemon. It is available in 3-wick candles, wallflowers fragrance refills, scentportable fragrance refills, room perfume, medium sized candles, hand cream (with shea butter – this is a new product that is THE BOMB!), hand soap, hand sanitizer, and bath and body products. How lucky for Jen! TRIED AND TRUE – CUCUMBER MELON. The scent profile on this one is summer cantaloupe, crisp cucumber, and fresh honeydew melon. This fragrance is available in 3-wick candles, wallflowers fragrance refills, hand soaps, hand cream, hand sanitizer, and bath and body products. WOW! I think Jen is on to something here. HONORABLE MENTION – FARMSTAND APPLE. This scent is composed of orchard fresh McIntosh apple, pear blossom and oak. It is available in 3-wick candles and wallflowers fragrance refills.

BBW Watermelon Lemonade

WOODSY/NATURAL SCENTS: NEW – ORANGE BLOSSOM & DRIFTWOOD. Although the lead in the name is a fruit flower, the driftwood mellows this to give it a softer delivery. This scent profile is a combo of orange blossom petals, crisp bergamot, and soft sea-washed wood. Currently online, it is only available in medium sized candles. I purchased some 3-wicks in this fragrance, but they are not being offered online as of now. They must be sold out. It’s that good. (I actually emailed the company and begged them never to discontinue this one.) TRIED AND TRUE – FRESH BAMBOO (hey that rhymes!). This is a combination of dewy greens, lilac petals and hyacinth. (Ironically, lilac is one of the only florals that I like, or NOT ironic at all.) This is available in 3-wick candles, and wallflower fragrance refills.

BBW Orange Blossom & Driftwood

I hope you enjoyed this little product review. We had so much fun putting it together. You may start to pay attention to scent profile components that you see repeating on those that you come to love. Makes online shopping SO much easier. At the very least, you now have some great gift ideas for me and my girls. Smell ya later!

BBW medium candles

1  Photo from www.viralscoop.com.

2  Bath and Body Works Fall store display, 2015.

*All fragrance descriptions were created by Bath and Body Works.

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