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I made an amazing discovery a few weeks ago whist shopping at my local grocery. Amazing is probably setting you up a little high for what I found, but let’s call it amazing anyway. Now, mind you, I have shopped at this store for 11 years; since it opened, and yet I have never seen this tiny, but important, and VERY cool section in aisle 1. Perhaps it’s because of the white noise of looking at the same store for 11 years, but I’m so excited to find it and kind of blown away that I never saw it before.  Have I built that up enough? Are you on the edge of your seat? Well wait no more! I discovered a “Local” section of our store! I KNOW!

HT Local section

All jokes aside, I really am excited to find this, especially this time of year, and I’ll tell you why (of course I will). Truthfully (really), I’m excited for a few reasons. Reason one. I love the movement that I’m picking up on everywhere to support your local and surrounding communities. I mean whole-heartedly love. When a community thrives, lives are improved and people are happier and more content. I, for one, want to be surrounded by the happy and content. Supporting local businesses is a fantastic way to contribute to the place in which you live.

HT local products

Reason two. I am mad for manners. Nothing makes me happier than to hear a “yes ma’am, “ or “no sir”, or have a door held for me. These traditions are dying and that makes me die a little inside. It should be reflexive to treat others with respect, and manners are just the gateway. One mannerly tradition that I love is the giving of a hostess gift. If you are invited for dinner, or a party, please, do not show up empty handed. The smallest gesture is still a gesture! (You heard it here!) As we are approaching summer, when many of us will travel out of town, and perhaps will be invited guests at someone’s home, these local goods make THE PERFECT hostess gift! Some of them you don’t even have to wrap!

tray w:local products

This section was teaming with awesome, local options. There were salsas, and nuts, pickles, and seasonings. And who would not love to receive a local coffee or a sweet little package of tea paired with some local honey? Foolproof gifts.   And if that’s not enough, the next aisle over had a collection of local wines. (But I already knew that was there.  Of course I did. LOL)

local wine section

Reason three. Not sure it’s an actual reason; more of another idea. These little items would make great favors for a party or wedding. Or, better yet, group a few together to include as welcome goodies for your own out-of-town guests.

regional wine sign

I’m certain that this is not isolated to my grocery store. Next time you are crawling through the aisles to check off your 5-thousandth trip to the store, keep your eyes pealed for a “Local” section, and stock up on some goodies for your next reason to make someone feel special.

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